Spring Break Camp 5 - 11

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1. Jurassic Adventure

Join us on an adventure back through time and explore the world of the dinosaurs! We’ll create erupting volcanoes, design our own dinosaurs, examine fossils, and uncover extinction theories. Was it an asteroid, a volcano, or something else…? Use evidence you gather to make your own conclusions!

2. Seussian Science

Jump into your favorite Dr. Seuss stories while you perform some zany science activities! Stack the hats belonging to the cat, brew the goo of Bartholomew, and plant truffula trees to put the Lorax at ease. Oh the things you can find if you don’t stay behind!

3. Out of This World!

Blast off into the stars with this space-themed camp! We’ll discover the wonders of the planets in our solar system as well as uncover all the mysteries of the moon with our Science on a Sphere exhibit. Build and launch varieties of rockets, eat the phases of the moon, and even examine extraterrestrial life!

4. Wild Things

Are you the kind of kid who likes getting dirt under their fingernails and mud on their boots? Then this is the camp for you! Learn all about animal tracking, dissect scat, dive into the water cycle, and more!

5. Medieval Marvels

Journey to a land of noble knights, dragons, kings, and queens. Engineer catapults designed to tear down the strongest of castles. Unlock the secrets of magic with Merlin, and investigate medieval inventions!

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