Spring Break Camp - Ages 5 - 11

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1. The Sticky, Slimy, and Gooey

Prepare to get your hands dirty with some messy science. Join Science Central as we make slime, observe the interesting properties of oobleck and make your own bouncy ball. Learn about the states of matter as we learn about the sticky, slimy and the gooey.

2. Interstellar

Take a trip across the stars with Science Central. Join us as we explore the planets in our solar system, create impact craters and design our own aliens! Become an astronaut as we learn about what it takes to live on Mars and make your own astronaut pudding.

3. Weather Wizards

Join Science Central on April Fools Day as we learn about some science that could be mistaken for magic. Learn about illusions and science that will amaze your friends.

4. Ocean Masters

Dive into spring as Science Central explores the oceans. Learn about dolphins and sharks as we explore the similarities and differences. Become an oceanographer and get to know a variety of marine animals.

5. Jurassic Science

Join Science Central as we take a trip back through time. Learn about dinosaurs as we make dinosaur foot prints, dinosaur eggs, and even get to examine real fossils. Make your own erupting volcano and learn about what caused their extinction…could some of them have survived?

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