Winter Break Camp - Ages 5 - 11

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Day 1 LEGO Camp

Use your creativity and tinkering skills to become a master LEGO inventor! Do you think you can build a boat that won’t sink? How about creating the best Eifel Tower? Or maybe you want to make your LEGOs move with a LEGO robot?

Day 2 Candy Science

You’ve got a golden ticket to Science Central’s Candy Factory! Whip up some delicious candies, investigate what makes the best bubblegum, and much more!

Day 3 It’s Electric!

Become mad scientists and explore how Frankenstein’s monster was maybe brought to life! Make your own flashlight, build with snap circuits, and even make your hair stand on end!

Day 4 Ice & Fire

Come chill out at Science Central as we experiment with the extreme cold of liquid nitrogen and the extreme heat of fire. Find out how the states of matter are affected by extreme temperatures, and make your own ice cream!

Day 5 Storybook Science

Dive into your favorite fairytales and explore the science in the fiction! Engineer houses for the Three Little Pigs and cushioning devices to protect Humpty Dumpty from a great fall! Explore symmetry with the Evil Queen and her magic mirror and then help Jack grow a beanstalk!

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