Summer Camp 8 - 13

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SUMM20170619-23 - Ages 8-13 - SOS-Mission: Design

Science and creativity collide in this unique and innovative camp! Campers will delve into the world of technology to design an interactive story utilizing Science Central’s Science on a Sphere exhibit. As well as programming the sphere, campers will learn acting and presentation skills that will help them to create a performance sure to WOW friends and family!

Summ20170731-0804i - Ages 8-13 - Jr Computer Programmer - 8:30AM

Dissect a computer and explore the hardware that makes advanced computer technology possible. Then delve into the software side and uncover language through writing your own codes!

Summ20170731-0804j - Ages 8-13 - Ms. Tech - 12:30PM

Come experience a sampling of Science Central’s most popular technology programs in this Girls Only IT experience! Discover where your interests lie as we explore elements of photography, virtual reality, robotics, and video design. At the end of the week you may save your programs to continue at home and show your friends!

Notes: Bring ear buds if you would like to cut down on outside noise, and a USB flash drive if you want to save your work.

USF Solar Camp - Week 1- July 10-14 - Grades 3-5 (Ages 8-10)

USF Solar Camp - Week 1 Ages 8-10

This Camp is on the Campus of University of Saint Francis.

Science Central partners with the University of Saint Francis in a solar-powered adventure, “Future of Energy!” Have you wondered where electricity comes from? Do you want to build a solar panel or a hydrogen fuel cell? This camp will get you up to speed when you build your own solar powered car and race it. We’ll take a look at many ways energy comes into our lives, from wind generators to race cars. Lots of hands on activities as you build your own power sources and test them out. These Camp are on the Campus of University of Saint Francis.

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