Spring Break Camp

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1. Festival of Fools

Come one, come all, and join us in celebrating April Fool’s Day with some silly and zany science experiments! Brew elephant toothpaste, make pepper dance, inflate balloons with more than just your mouth, and learn some magic tricks to fool your friends on this wacky day!

2. Jr. Veterinarian

Do you love animals? Do you want to learn how to care for them? This is your chance to put on the white coat and analyze X-Rays, identify pet parasites, explore animal anatomy, and interview a local veterinarian!

3. Weather Wizards

Conjure up some storms with this wild weather camp! What causes tsunamis? How are tornadoes formed? We’ll explore all these topics and more while making a cloud in a bottle, whirling up a hurricane, and simulating an earthquake! Better batten down the hatches!

4. Space Adventure

Launch into space and explore the planets in our solar system and beyond! Find out what it’s like to be an astronaut by investigating the strength of space suits and whipping up a tasty astronaut treat.

5. The LEGO Camp

Use LEGO's and your master building skills to complete STEM building challenges and learn basic coding skills with fun LEGO friends. Join us at Science Central and see what your imagination can create with LEGO's!

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